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My name is Amy Hribal and I am now 59.  My battle with Fibromyalgia -- a condition with severe pain and stiffness in muscles, tendons and ligaments -- began when I was 31.  I went to numerous medical specialists but my health progressively went downhill.  However, 5 years ago, while envisioning a future with a wheelchair, I heard about a chiropractic treatment called "applied kinesiology or AK."  This treatment has been a godsend for me.  Thus far, because of my travels in California, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia, I have been treated by 9 superb and caring AK doctors who have all played an important part in my journey recovering from Fibromyalgia.  Dr. Jody Eccher has been treating me for over a year now, and, in my opinion, she's truly the best doctor practicing AK.  I am no longer in excruciating pain and am again enjoying my life to the fullest.  Thank you, Dr. Jody.

Digestive/Sleep problem:

I would recommend Dr. Eccher to anyone for Natural Health Care. She has helped me in many ways with Hiatal Hernia, Stomach, and Sleep problems. She has also been willing to come to the Office when needed on off hours.    M. S.


Digestive/Back pain/Carpel Tunnel:

Hi, my name is Linda Walker. As a "regular" chiropractic patient I benefited tremendously for nearly seven years before thinking that I needed "something more" to address other nagging health problems. Since February '05, Dr. Jody's AK care has turned muscles throughout my body "on" to help overcome bowel problems, weak back muscles and numbness/tingling of my fingers & hands, as well as plantar fascistic of the heel. I have "graduated" from 2 visits a week to 1 visit a week to one visit every 2 week. I am looking forward to the time when maintenance of my much improved health will be once a month visits.


Athletic/structural problems:

I have been a patient of Dr Eccher for the past two years now and have seen a dramatic difference in my physical and mental health. I am an athlete that has played soccer in college and I am competing in Triathlons on a regular basis. I have gone from seeing Dr. Jody several times a month to seeing her once a month for maintenance purposed. She has been able to address knees, shoulders, hips and ankles out of alignment and has also been able to fix some snoring problems that my wife is very appreciative of. If you haven't experienced an Applied Kinesiologist Chiropractor, then you haven't taken care of your body properly. She is the best.

William W. Councill


Hip Pain/Digestive problems:

I had chronic hip pain for years with no relief from expensive orthodics, physical therapy, and pain medications. After seeing Dr. Eccher for just a few weeks, I am starting to feel better and finally getting relief from my pain. After going through invasive testing without finding what was causing my stomach aches I came to see Dr. Eccher. She had diagnosed and treated my problems within weeks, without any painful testing or prescription drugs. Before seeing Dr. Eccher I had been through invasive testing without finding any answers. Virginia Farrell


Carpel tunnel:

I’ve been seeing Dr. Jody for almost a year now, and I find her a wonderful, caring person. She listens and responds to my individual needs, and has helped me in a number of ways. She’s even been able to keep me from having to undergo a second carpel tunnel surgery.

I am enthusiastic in recommending anybody, regardless of age, to her capable hands.

C. Patrick Schulze


Since starting AK therapy in April 2005, I have more range of motion in my shoulder and neck than I have had in 7 years and I feel better overall. Sheryl G.

Wart removal/elbow pain:

I had a wart on my little toe for 2 years and was very painful.  Thought I would have to have surgery to remove it.  In two visits, the cord dried up and disappeared.  I had elbow pain for 3 years.  Dr. Eccher found the problem and cured it in one visit!  Jan Barco


Dr. Jody's holistic approach

 Dr. Eccher truly understands the concept of holistic health. With this understanding she assists in the body's physical, spiritual and emotional healing process. She firmly believes in ones ability to be well. After many visits to various medical Dr.'s it was only with Dr. Eccher's appointments that I finally found a renewed belief in my own ability to be healthy again. I am ever grateful to her commitment to her patients and the healing process.

Donnelle Riccio-Huck, LPC


Fatigue/ Chronic neck pain

After thirty years of chronic neck pain without relief, AK has helped me begin to live pain free.  I am no longer fatigued and live with increased vitality!  Pat Callender

Migraine Headaches

After twenty years of having frequent and depilating migraine headaches, after just six months of AK care, my migraines were greatly reduced in both frequency and severity.

M. Hamilton

Fibromylgia and degenerative Osteoarthritis

After many years of different doctors and medications, 16 in all total daily. I went to Dr Eccher for the beginning of my 16th treatment and I felt relief after the first treatment. I had been diagnosed with Fibromylgia and degenerative osteoarthritis and was told to take this medication and that medication which had so many side effects that I had to take another drug to help with the ones I was taking. I have been under Dr. Eccher's care now for 2 years and I am off all medications and am feeling better than I have in years. My husband was not sure how this was working but he could see a big change in my overall health. He had a bad elbow that had been giving him allot of pain for years and he decided to see Dr. Eccher and he is now pain free in his elbow and also pain free from TMJ in his jaw. Being a nurse for 37 years I wish I had know about this kind of treatment years ago, so I could help myself and family to be pain free and comfortable. I would and do recommend Dr. Eccher to everyone and will continue to see her for my health needs. Thanks Dr. Jody!!!!!!!!

 Cheryl Smith Hampton Virginia

Dr. Eccher treats the whole person, not just the symptom that causes you to seek treatment. Whether your health is affected by allergies, muscular or spinal misalignment, she goes to the source and corrects
the problem.


Acid reflux, Asthma & Body Pain

Dr. Jody Eccher’s chiropractic and AK expertise is essential in my continuing transition to optimal health. I’ve been under Dr. Eccher’s care for approximately two years and even though I now feel fine, I continue my regular visits. The first step toward optimal health is to understand, as Dr. Eccher will readily tell you, that only your body can heal itself. Diet changes eliminated my acid reflux and asthma ailments as well as the costly drugs that didn’t cure them. Dr. Eccher’s chiropractic resolved the nerve interference that caused my neck and arm pain. AK testing pinpoints the chiropractic adjustments that are necessary to optimize neural activity the body requires to self-heal. Regular AK testing reveals nerve interference that you cannot otherwise detect so that it can be relieved long before it becomes a serious problem, like my chronic neck and arm pain had become. If you want to feel better, get serious about helping your body to help itself. Eat for nutrition, not recreation and dump the drugs and the doctors that push them. And be sure to let Dr. Eccher’s combined chiropractic and AK skills continue to maximize your body’s self-healing potential.  

Mike Anderson

Back Pain & Scoliosos

My daughter and I started coming to Dr. Jody because I suffered from back pain for more than ten years. Also, I was concerned that my daughter, Alex, would develop scoliosis in her teens because it runs in her father’s family.  Not only is my back pain is gone, I am no longer concerned for my daughters back.   The quality of our over all health has greatly improved. 

 Sandy Hicks


Few More Word....

Dr. Eccher is the best chiropractor I have seen. My two previous chiropractors saw me for three minutes. Dr. Eccher gives me 20 minutes per session. I believe she is interested in good health for all her patients. I continue to be very active and in good health because of her.

I will be 70 this year and continue to enjoy a very active life of Jazzercise, Tennis and Golf.

D. Peterson.


In June of 2005 I became severely ill with a chronic pain in the lower right hand quadrant of my body and was unable to carry on everyday activities. I was seen by over twenty doctors, prescribed copious amounts of painkillers and endured nearly every available medical test. Not one doctor could come up with a specific diagnosis, but many theories were suggested ranging from digestive troubles to a hernia. After five months of enduring the pain, the painkillers never truly worked, a friend from California recommended that I see an Applied Kinesiology Chiropractor.
My first session with Dr. Eccher was incredible. After being in acute pain for five months, I finally felt some relief and could resume normal activities. I am pleased to now be healthy and not have to rely on any prescriptions. In June I could barely walk comfortably and yesterday I went ice skating for over two hours! Please do not hesitate to give Dr. Eccher a try.

A. Mettler

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